Installation & Finishes

Installation & Finishes


We use a Two-component Polyurethane adhesive (UZIN, SU MK 92 S) which help in bonding wood flooring to concrete and plywood subfloors to give the best bonding strength for the wood flooring which last for decades.
Uzin has benn manufacturing adhesive since 1911 and have won several awards for innovation and adhesive technology . UZIN brand has been a name that stands for professional installation know-how in everything to do with flooring.
UZIN covers the complete spectrum of products that are required for the installation of wood flooring. The range covers from very low emission dispersion adhesives, through reaction resin systems, to the modern MSP wood flooring adhesives.

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At 'Wood Weavers India', At 'Wood Weavers India', we give your floors a strong foundation, by bonding them with high solid adhesives from UZIN UTZ, Gmbh & KG Germany the best in Europe and the USA. These planks are anchored to the floor by ā€˜Lā€™ cleat ratcheting floor nails using nailing equipment from Primatech, Canada.

We use Laglers sanding machines, the best sanding machine company in the world, even know as the champions in wood flooring sanding technology, With their PST (professional sanding training) and dustless sanding technology, makes the work site absolutely dust free environment.

And Eugen laagler considered as a legend in the industry for floor sanding. Perfect and economical sanding of both small and large areas ā€“ even in critical areas such as mosaic inlays with soft wood.

Waterbased filler: Pall X kitt: Mixes with Sanding Dust

Pallmann Pall-X Kitt is a water-based joint filler compound that is mixed with sanding dust and used for joint and trowel filling of wood floors. It is suitable for strip, plank and parquet flooring of all species where color-matching is important and where filler stability and adhesion are vital. Pall-X Kitt's viscous, paste-like mixture is rated for radiant heat floor systems.

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Waterbased finishes Top Coat - Pall X 98

Waterbased finishes Top Coat - Pall X 96

Waterbased finishes - Pall x 325

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